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Sell Your Dead Inventory

Dead Inventory Store is a listing service that will help you unload your Dead Inventory. Simply list your building products that are ready to move out.

Our job is to drive search engines designed to connect you with buyers who are looking specifically for your Dead Inventory. Our buyers are wholesalers, builders, brokers and associations looking for low cost housing materials for projects around the world.

We commit to invest back into search engines to drive your sales.

How it Works

List your products - simply follow a few easy steps in List My Dead Inventory.

Offer as much information as you have available:

  • Brand names, model or product codes
  • Weights and dimensions
  • Photos from all perspectives when possible
  • Information on manufacturers' warranties as they apply
  • Describe any damage of product and packaging, with photos if possible 
  • Use our feature to link your listing to the manufacturer's web site - this will provide access to exact product description, Spec Data and Material Safety Data Sheets if required

You may want to incentivize your sale and consider offering a freight allowance.

You control the sale and dictate your terms. For example, you can decide to keep product offerings away from specific markets. There are no conditions imposed on you from the Dead Inventory Store.

If you need to communicate with us directly to help you get going feel free to contact us at and we will walk you through the process.

Listing with Brokers and Agents

Want to remain anonymous? We have agents that will list on your behalf. Our rates remain the same. Any additional fees or commissions would be negotiated between you and your agent.

Contact us to discuss the products you'd like to move.

Rob Peters direct at 1-250-884-4103 or


List 1 to 3 products for $0.00 per month, for a minimum 6 month term.

List 4 to 10 products for $0.00 per month, for a minimum 6 month term.

Platinum Membership $0.00 per year; list unlimited items per location.

You will be notified 30 days prior to the expiration should you wish to renew your subscription.