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Buy and Sell Dead Inventory

This site is currently 'under construction'! Thanks for your patience, and feel free to contact Rob Peters, or 250-884-4103.

Save thousands on building materials at discounted wholesale prices

If you are looking for deals on building products you have come to the right place. We have a nation-wide network of sellers who need to unload inventory from their warehouses – inventory that you can purchase for far less than market value. Take advantage of great savings!

What is Included in Dead Inventory?

  • Materials that have not sold due to damage to packaging or product
  • Materials that have been discontinued simply for changes to color or style
  • Clearance of slow moving inventory
  • Liquidation blow-outs due to discontinuation of business or changes to strategies
  • Listings are pallet or lift quantities. In most cases Vendors will not break pallets.

All in all, The Dead Inventory Store is an ideal spot to look for incredible value.

How do I Make a Purchase?

The process is clean and simple. Locate the materials you're interested in and go to the Vendor's link. As a buyer, you negotiate your deal directly with the vendor. There are no additional fees to you.


In most cases, the vendor will have the ability to quote freight to your destination.