Inventory Hotline:

Buy and Sell Dead Inventory

This site is currently 'under construction'! Thanks for your patience, and feel free to contact Rob Peters, or 250-884-4103.

Save $$ on building materials at discounted wholesale prices

If you are looking for deals on building products you have come to the right place. We have a nation-wide network of sellers who need to unload inventory from their warehouses – inventory that you can purchase for far less than market value. Take advantage of great savings!

What is Included in Dead Inventory?

  • Exterior and Interior Building Materials that have not sold due to damage to packaging or product
  • Materials that have been discontinued simply for changes to color or style
  • Clearance of slow moving inventory
  • Liquidation blow-outs due to discontinuation of business or changes to strategies

Listings are pallet or truck load quantities - in most cases Vendors will not break pallets


How do I Make a Purchase?

Products will be listed in detail with discounts applied. Simply buy on line.


Freight will be quoted in the process of pricing.